$5,000 General Sponsorship for 2021:





  • Outreach applies to all programming series we produce

  • Banner Ad on the GPJAC Website

  • Name and logo on every printed program, flyer and poster

  • Name and Logo displayed at beginning of each video presentation

  • Name and Logo (where possible for logo) on all emails announcing programs (some email accounts are not ours)

  • Name and Logo (where possible for logo) on all Facebook and Instagram announcements for programs (some Facebook and Instagram communications are not ours)

  • Name and Logo on all regular communications to our audience base including our regular communications about our programs to the Dickens Festival audience


$2,500 Sponsorship for 2021

  • Outreach as described in the $5,000 category but limited to outreach concerning any two series we produce.







$1,000 Sponsorship for 2021

  • Outreach as described in the $5,000 category but limited to outreach concerning one series we produce.






Audience Totals and Outreach:

Port Jefferson Documentary Series:

The Port Jefferson Documentary Series takes place in Spring and Fall semesters featuring seven documentary films each season. Attendance has grown to an average of 250 to 300 people per film. We screen films at Theatre Three and have made arrangements to screen at the JFK Middle School in Port Jefferson Station. Many of the films have gone on to win Academy Awards and the featured speaker at each film is usually the director (The Academy Award-winning director, Abigale Disney, came to speak for example).

Each film is promoted via Email to 1003 (and growing) individuals, with 1,011 followers on Facebook, 753 on Twitter, and 359 on Instagram. We can use our Produced by line on all out-reach.

The Annual Charles Dickens Festival:

The 25th Annual Charles Dickens Festival for 2021 enjoys 3,444 Facebook followers that we regularly communicate with beyond Dickens. Again, name and logo can be included in all communications.


Sunset Concert Series:

Sunset Concert Series is held every Wednesday in Harborfront Park in Port Jefferson (in the Village Center for rain) for July and August. We extended the series in 2020 to include Friday early evenings in September and October. These concerts average 300 attendees each with some drawing 500. The audience is primarily from the Three Village area and Port Jefferson (65%), with the audience traveling from Nassau and Suffolk Counties to see each unique show. No other series on Long Island has its primary focus on original music.


We make outreach for each concert to 500 people via Email, 1600 followers on Instagram, and Facebook with 300. We will insert the line: Produced by the Greater Port Jefferson-Northern Brookhaven Arts Council in cooperation with Your Business Name.



WinterTide generally gets 60 to 80 attendees. It is a new series and is also unique in that it featured performances in multiple areas of the arts at each event. This series runs from mid-January through March or April on Friday nights in the Port Jefferson Village Center Sail Loft room. The audience is smaller because of the smaller space (not outdoors) but the outreach is the same as above.


Sunday Street Concert Series:

The Sunday Street Concert Series features international touring artists presented at the Long Island Museum in Stony Brook. As with WinterTide, the room capacity is 125 and usually sells out for each performance. We do have several concerts that need a larger capacity room (up to 300), so we move to a venue in Port Jefferson (First United Methodist Church for example – seats 250). This series is co-produced with the Museum and Stony Brook University’s WUSB. Each performance is featured in each organization’s outreach. We are in process of getting permission to have our Produced by line on all Museum concert-related Emails AND having our sponsor's names announced on WUSB. Additionally, this series is shared on many Facebook pages reaching several thousand visitors per show.

Classical Plus Music Salon

This series features outstanding classical music performances with a twist! Each concert offers a short presentation dealing with a composer's life, the reason for writing or comparing themes between various featured composers.


Help us provide high-quality arts experiences for Northern Brookhaven and beyond.



 Outreach Partners:

         Port Jefferson Village Facebook:  Event posting on the Village Facebook page – 16,000 followers

         WUSB – Long Island Museum - Sunday Street Events:

           - Greater Port Jefferson Arts Council (GPJAC) events highlighted in the spring and fall WUSB newsletter                            that goes out to 30,000 emails

           - GPJAC events announced on air

           - Sunday Street programs promoted on the Long Island Museum (Stony Brook) email and social media outlets


All outreach as outlined above goes out for each performance. While we are dealing with Covid restrictions, we will put out upcoming performance and communications every two weeks on all outreach platforms we control. Each communication with feature our Produced by line, so the cumulative outreach will hit many thousands of people several times over the course of a year, with the majority living in our immediate area.

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